PrEP Clinic

PrEP is widely recognised as an effective prevention strategy against contracting HIV. The latest research demonstrates that people during high risk periods of their lives are effectively protected if PrEP is taken daily as prescribed.  While PrEP has few side effects, we encourage people taking PrEP to maintain regular contact with their GP for routine monitoring and regular STI checks.

PRONTO! has a GP led PrEP Clinic that can support clients currently enrolled into the PrEPX study being conducted by The Alfred hospital or assist clients who wish to self import PrEP drugs on their own.

PRONTO! isn’t currently taking bookings for new PrEP clients for PrEPX or self importing. This difficult decision has been made to ensure that existing clients are able to access appointments for routine follow up.

We will review this decision regularly and will open the schedule for new clients as soon as we have capacity to do so. We will update this page when we are able to accept new clients for PrEP.

Clients currently importing and taking PrEP may need to undertake baseline pathology testing again as a part of the PrEPX enrolment process.  PrEPX trial participants must meet eligibility criteria and once enrolled will be able to access generic Truvada for $38.30 / 3 month supply ($6.20 health care Concession Card holders).  Participants will be required to attend regular, routine follow up appointments and may be asked to participate in periodic surveys a part of the trial.

Existing Clients on PrEP can book an appointment online  for follow up appointments:

Clients that identify as Trans or Gender Diverse can  access PrEP and enrol in PrEPX through our Equinox Gender Diverse Health Service.  A limited number of places have been reserved for TGD clients who wish to enrol in the PrEPX Trial at Equinox.  Appointments for Equinox can be booked by calling 03 9416 2889.



Medicare Card holders:  The PrEP clinic and PrEPX trial are bulk billed to Medicare. We must see your Medicare card on the day of the appointment.  Pathology will be bulk billed (Subject to change according to changes in the Medicare fee schedule rules and /or pathology company billing policies).

Non-Medicare Card holders:  Clients without Medicare are welcome to access the service, however fees for the consultation and pathology do apply and are payable on the day. The items charged may be eligible to be claimed through private health insurance and a receipt will be issued on the day. Clients without Medicare are ineligible to enrol in the PrEPX Trial.

Pathology fees are set by the pathology companies and bulk billing eligibility is determined by the Medicare.

Bookings are available online.  As appointments for this service are limited, we ask that all clients confirm appointment bookings via SMS when requested and encourage client to give advance notice if they are unable to attend appointments.